Koko – gorilla communicating with humans

Animals have some intense emotions that not all humans are able to see and accept. Imagine you could freely speak with animals. What wild you ask them?

See a wonderful documentary about Koko, a gorilla that learned to communicate with us. Discover emotional moments like after hearing a book about the three little kittens KoKo would ask Penny to read it again and again there was something in the story that seemed to touch Koko right eventually Koko asked Penny for a real kitten of her own Popo has impacted people in a sort of at a mass level because of that image the reason that it’s so it stands out in people’s memories is because there’s an emotional surprise there’s a giant gorilla with a tiny tiny tiny helpless kitten and being gentle and loving toward that kitten Koko rhymed the name for her new kitten she called him all ball because to her the cat looked like a little ball.

The Gorilla Foundation – Conservation Through Communication (koko.org)

Koko – gorilla communicating with humans

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