Vegan food products

vegan food

Gone are the days when being vegan meant sacrificing taste and variety in your meals. Being vegan no longer means you have to stick to a boring salad, soya and tofu menu.

Today, there are so many delicious and innovative vegan products available that can satisfy any craving and replace almost any meat-based meal. Now, you can enjoy all of your favorite meals without compromising on taste or ethics. With so many delicious and convenient options available, it’s easier than ever to enjoy a wide range of delicious meals and snacks. Take a look at our list to get inspiration.

Image and linkDescription
*instant soup

Great and only one alternative which we have found so far for instant soup. Taste great and easy vegan “fast food” if you are in hurry 😉
*milk replacement

Oat Drink Without Sugar
*milk replacement

Coconut Drinks
*milk replacement

Almond drink
*milk replacement

Oat drink enriched with calcium and vitamins.
*meat substitute

Organic yeast based spread with shiitake mushrooms
*meat substitute

Tasty Yard pate mushroom
*meat replacement

Minced meat substitute I soy free I wheat free

* affiliate link which will not cost you extra, but we will get a small percentage of it, which we spend on some donations supporting animal help organizations or buying some food for the homeless or wild animals

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