Soft way to become vegan

Maybe after seeing a shocking way to become vegan you are asking yourself how can I become a vegan and change my lifestyle? I have some tips for you my friend!

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Your first goal is to be a Vegetarian in one month.
You need to prepare your body for new long-term healthy food, but the most important thing is: stop eating meat! With this simple first step, you are saving so many lives! You don’t want to eat dead bodies also…
If you can do this in one step, great, but you may try slowly reducing your meat consumption from week to week. Remember that transitioning to a vegan lifestyle takes time. Begin by replacing one meal a day with a vegan option. Experiment with new plant-based foods and recipes. You need some alternative way to recompensate some things like Vitamin B12. Always check your health.

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The second step is to slowly become a vegan until the end of the second month.
Try some different vegan food you may find in your local store. Take a look at our Vegan products list for inspiration. Check the ingredients in the products you buy to ensure they are free from animal products.
You may slowly experience the physical and mental health benefits of this transformation. If the product is not to your taste, don’t give up, try another one from another company. We had this experience also 🙂

Educate yourself – Learn about the benefits of a vegan lifestyle and the impact of animal agriculture on the environment. You may be surprised at how many other nowadays products like cosmetics are many integrations based on animals. Slowly exchange them with vegan alternatives.

Start today and take one step closer to a healthier, more compassionate lifestyle.

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